Québec Parental Insurance Plan Sees Increased Coverage For Québecois

Minister Jean Boulet announces improved benefits for low-income workers benefiting from the Quebec Parental Insurance Plan.

The Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Solidarity and Minister responsible for the Mauricie region, Mr Jean Boulet, announces an improvement in the measure to increase benefits from the Quebec Parental Insurance Plan (QPIP).  

Thus, parents earning less than $540 per week may be entitled to an increased benefit of up to 85% or 100% of their average weekly income, depending on the plan option they have chosen, rather than 55% to 75% as currently provided for by the QPIP for all of its customers.  

This bonus is a major step forward in the financial support that the RQAP offers to its customers. The calculation of the benefit is now based on individual income and not on family income. The eligibility threshold for an increased benefit will follow the indexations to the minimum wage. As a result, more parents will be able to qualify and benefit from increased, more generous benefits. No action on the part of the parents is necessary, because eligibility and the calculation of the increased benefit will be established automatically when applying for benefits.

This change will benefit some 17,000 parents annually. Of this number, it is estimated that approximately 14,000 mothers will be able to benefit from an enhanced benefit and that the measure will be beneficial for self-employed workers, i.e. approximately 47% of mothers receiving QPIP and 33% of fathers receiving QPIP this status.

This improvement will allow some parents to have access to an increased benefit, whereas they were not previously eligible, since their family income is greater than $25,921.

Take the example of a mother who is starting a business, with an average weekly income of $400 per week. If she chooses the special plan, she will not suffer any loss of income during her parental leave, since she will receive an increased benefit of $400 per week rather than $300 under the old rules.

“Quebec is fortunate to have an accessible and generous plan that financially supports parents when they welcome a child and that allows them a better family-work balance. With this announcement to improve the benefits increase measure, our government is reiterating its support for new parents in order to provide them with better economic security during their parental leave. The measure is excellent news for many parents and more particularly for self-employed workers. More than ever, parents and their children are at the heart of our concerns, and our announcement today demonstrates it. “

Jean Boulet, Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Solidarity, Deputy Minister of Immigration, Francization and Integration and Minister responsible for the Mauricie region

This measure will apply to parents whose benefit period begins on September 26, 2021. The QPIP is an accessible and generous plan and is greatly appreciated by parents. It covers 89% of births in Quebec, and 8 out of 10 families use every week of benefits made available to them. It is a concrete and effective way to better reconcile family and professional responsibilities when having a child.

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