President Xi Jinping, Biden Committed To Strengthening China – U.S Relations

Canadian Prime Minister non-commital if he will meet one-on-one with China’s President Xi at this year’s G20 Summit

Today countries are meeting in Indonesia to mark the start of the G20 Summit. 19 countries and the European Union are participating in the G20 or Group of Twenty, with the notable absence of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The annual summit addresses international financial stability, climate change mitigation, and sustainable development, and the conference also addresses other critical global economic issues.

The two largest economies in the world, China and the United States President’s met for three hours to discuss a wide range of issues, from trade to climate change to stability in the region concerning Taiwan. For years media outlets have been blowing the Trumpets, ensuing China is on the verge of an all-out military assault on Taiwan, causing further tensions in the region and disrupting the financial markets.

No one wins in a war, and China has reaffirmed its stance on numerous occasions it has no intention of invading Taiwan. As the world sees the horrific destruction of Ukraine by Russia and its economy collapsed and ostracized from the rest of the world through sanctions, that is not a path China is willing to entertain. 

U.S. President Biden addressed the media in his daily scrum, indicating his meeting with President Xi was pointed and cordial. However, issues still need to be resolved, and the relationship needs mending. Since the election of the former disgraceful U.S insurrectionist President Donald Trump, the relationship with the U.S and other countries hit rock bottom.

“A statesman should think about and know where to lead his country. “He should also think about and know how to get along with other countries and the wider world,” President Xi said through this translator.

“Today, I met with President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China. We discussed our responsibility to prevent the competition between our countries from veering into conflict and finding ways to work together on shared challenges that affect the international community.” Said, President Biden

In the G20, many countries take advantage of the opportunity to meet with the most powerful economic heads of state. However, Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau has been non-committal if he plans to meet with President Xi for a one-on-one, just like U.S President Biden. 

Canada cannot afford a closed dialogue with China, as both economies rely on significant annual trading. If the U.S. can sit down and meet, there is no reason why Trudeau cannot do the same. For the Canadian Prime Minister to make a trip around the world to secure new trade agreements with Canada and do the opposite by causing rifts with one of the country’s most significant trading partners would be counter-productive.

Now it’s time to look forward to a friendlier relationship between the two countries. G20 Summits are used to hash out agreements and solve problems at the highest levels. It would be a shame if Trudeau did not take this opportunity to meet with Xi Jinping, knowing that the economic ramifications are enormous.

Image source, Biden’s Twitter feed