President Joe Biden Visits Massachusetts For Climate Talk

Biden is on a country-wide tour for support of his climate change Bill to reduce carbon emissions

In March of 2021, The White House announced its plan for offshore wind energy. The announcement addresses creating jobs for the American people, producing household energy, and reducing carbon emissions.

Constructing and implementing this idea would cost a total of $230 million. However, these plans include introducing good-paying jobs, estimating a large sum of 44,000 workers by 2030 and an additional 33,00 jobs from other community areas.

The construction of the windmills will also generate approximately 30 gigawatts by 2030, which could provide power for 10 million Americans. In addition, it would produce $12 billion in capital investments annually and avoid having 78 million metric tons of Carbon Dioxide emissions.

Nevertheless, there are two significant concerns concerning this project. The first is what environmentalists call N.I.M.B.Y, which stands for not in my backyard. Meaning that people do not want things that disrupt their views or make their area less desirable. How this wind energy would look has been troubling the project before. In 2017 the Kennedys family complained about the implantation of windmills because it disturbed their view, and the project was terminated.

In addition to the appearance of these windmills, some worry about the economic impact when transferring to this renewable energy source. It would affect the companies with high emissions levels, impacting their costs and the economy.

On Wednesday, July 20, President Joe Biden arrived in Massachusetts, where he will talk about these plans and their relation to combating climate change. This talk will include the offshore wind energy production plans and other efforts to lower greenhouse gases around the States.

This comes after senator Joe Manchin denied his support of the bill funding the climate change legislation and a tax increase on the people. In today’s conference with President Biden, he hopes to continue this push even without the support of this bill.