Pamoja Buys 100 Acres of Farmland to Further Empower African Canadian Communities

Pamoja’s aim is to build generational wealth in Black Communities

Pamoja Development Cooperative Inc. is a registered Canadian cooperative dedicated to empowering African Canadian communities with financial and ownership literacy. In a historic move, Pamoja (which means Togetherness) has purchased 100 acres of farmland in the Kawartha Lakes area in Ontario.

Part of Pamoja’s strategic plan includes land acquisition which is a part of a larger plan to address potential future supply chain issues. Their mission statement states their intent “to promote and foster economic growth for our members and invest in helping each one thrive through successful community development where no one is left behind. We are stronger together!”. The purchased land is GMO-free, and Pamoja’s intention is for the land to be used to grow organic produce while also installing wells and open fields. This is a historic win for the Black communities who have invested in Pamoja as the land will bring more economical and food stability to them.

At the heart of Pamoja’s mission lies a well-thought-out intention of providing successful land ownership opportunities for historically disadvantaged African Canadian communities. Furthermore, with rising Canadian bank mortgage interest rates and record-high land prices, owning land seems to be a far-off dream for many Canadians. This investment will benefit Ontario’s African Canadian communities immensely through both land acquisition and the strengthening of personal and business relationships within the community.

Trust in Pamoja’s mission continues to grow in Black communities, especially with reputable organizations working alongside them such as the Afro Caribbean Business Network (ACBN) being one of their valued partners. ACBN is a not-for-profit Black-led and Black-serving organization which works to provide Black business owners with financial literacy through workshops and access to grant writing. ACBN continues to be at the forefront of supporting many Black-led businesses in the Greater Toronto Area.

Pamoja’s call to action is for additional organizations and community members to invest in and claim ownership of the cooperative to build generational wealth through land ownership and collective economics. To learn more, visit their website at to become a member and learn more about the opportunity to get involved!