Ontario Celebrates Women’s History Month

“October is Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate women and girls across the province. This year’s theme She Did, So Now I Can is an opportunity to highlight women’s past contributions which have inspired women and girls who are leading the way today.

Women are at the heart of Ontario families, communities and workplaces, performing in high-profile roles, working hard in everyday jobs and taking care of loved ones at home. From community builders, entrepreneurs and scientists, to mechanics, caregivers and farmers, women contribute to our province at every level.

When women succeed, we are all stronger. That is why Ontario is investing in women’s futures by funding programs that help women overcome barriers, build skills and empower them to excel in business, leadership roles, STEM fields and skilled trades. While we have come a long way in making more opportunities available, there is more to be done so women and girls can reach their full potential and achieve the success they deserve.

October includes several key dates of significance to women and girls: International Day of the Girl on October 11; International Day of Rural Women on October 15; and Persons Day on October 18. Persons Day commemorates the 1929 court decision which ruled that women were legally persons and therefore eligible for appointment to Canada’s Senate – although it did not include all women, it did mark progress in advancing gender equality.

As we celebrate this month, I encourage Ontarians to reflect on the contributions of all women – from those whose achievements are well known, to those who have quietly enriched our lives. By sharing their stories, we can inspire more women and girls to feel empowered and reach new heights.” Said, Charmaine Williams, Associate Minister of Women’s Social and Economic Opportunity

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