Nunavut Provincial Government Is Different From The Rest Of Canada

Voters elect representatives in Legislative Assembly

By: Rawan Alshehri

On Monday October 25, Nunavut held the 2021 general election, to elect their new Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) that consists of 22 seats in total. Half of which are newly elected members, while the other half are re-elected.

Nunavut has a unique way of governing in comparison to the other provinces and territories across Canada. Since the Legislative Assembly operates as a non-partisan consensus government, voters elect independent candidates who aren’t party affiliated to govern.  

The MLAs on the other hand are responsible for electing the Premier, a position that is currently held by Joe Savikataaq since he was appointed in 2018, after his predecessor Paul Quassa lost a non-confidence motion.

After the election results, the members are eager to choose a new Premier and begin work once the legislature resumes. They are ready to start addressing the important issues in their communities such as the housing crisis, health care and the high rate of suicide cases in the region.