Novak Djokovic Is To Blame For His Own Humiliation

The Australian Government was right to ban the unvaccinated tennis star from entry into the Australian Open

Unvaccinated tennis star Novak Djokovic continues to cry foul because the Australian government did not allow him to compete in the Australian Open tennis championships.

The Australian government was right to ban Djokovic from competing in the tournament. Furthermore, he should have never been allowed entry into the country on the basis of his unvaccinated status. Djokovic’s hubris and demanding special treatment because he’s a tennis player is out of bounds. Not being allowed to play in the Australian Open had nothing to do with prejudice against the unvaccinated, it’s just the law.

If the Australian government had given special treatment to Djokovic, they would be sending the wrong message to their citizens and all the other visitors that were denied entry for being unvaccinated. In a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic such as covid-19, Djokovic could have been using his star power to promote vaccines instead of causing such a colossal disturbance and humiliating himself.

Just like in tennis, rules are meant to be followed, and if he cannot follow the rules of the countries that have vaccine mandates before entry, he does not deserve to play the sport he loves on their soil.