Northwest Territories allocating COVID-19 units to homeless

Northwest Territories allocating COVID-19 units to homeless. 130 units going to those needing shelter

Paulie Chinna, Minister responsible for the Northwest Territories Housing Corporation (NWTHC) announced that units previously identified for self-isolation purposes will be allocated to clients of NWTHC programs.

The program works in partnership with residents, where appropriate and necessary, to ensure access to affordable, adequate and suitable housing.

“As we work to address housing demand in our small communities, freeing up these approximately 130 units will be very beneficial to supporting residents who are at risk of or currently experiencing homelessness. The allocation of these units will allow us to transition our higher-income earners currently in public housing to homeownership, reducing overcrowding, freeing up spaces on the public housing waitlists and providing stable housing for those residents who are at risk.” said Minister Chinna

Northwest Territories allocating COVID-19 units to homeless

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and on the guidance of the Emergency Management Organization (EMO), the NWTHC reserved approximately 130 units in 27 communities to ensure that individuals needing to self-isolate had options to do so safely while being supported through this difficult and challenging time.

In consultation with the EMO and the department of Health and Social Services, and through a collaborative approach with 3rd parties across the Northwest Territories, it has now been determined that these units will no longer be required for self-isolation purposes as other options to support self-isolation purposes have been identified.

Over the coming months, NWTHC will be allocating these units through their regular program allocation process within rental and homeownership programs. The reintroduction of approximately 130 units will help to reduce overcrowding and assist smaller communities to address homelessness by lowering public housing wait lists. Easing overcrowding will also help us as a territory for any potential second wave of COVID-19.

In terms of sales of NWTHC units for homeownership, priority will be given to applicants who are currently public housing tenants. Doing this will free up public housing units and reduce the number of clients currently sitting on wait lists. As in incentive to attract homeownership clients, a $20,000 improvement allowance will be included.

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