N.Y.P.D., F.B.I, State Troopers, Secret Service and National Guard, Ready For Trump Protestor

Former President Donald Trump’s recent call for widespread protests through social media in response to his imminent arrest by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office on felony charges has raised concerns among law enforcement agencies and the public. This is not the first time Trump has called for mass protests, having previously done so in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election, which led to the January 6th deadly Capitol riots. However, Trump’s current call for mass protests is a bad idea for several reasons as he heads back to New York to be arraigned.

Firstly, Trump’s call for mass protests is likely to put law enforcement agencies on high alert. With all 40,000 NYPD officers, the national guard, state troopers, and the U.S. military preparing for his arrest, any mass protest could lead to a violent confrontation, like the one seen during the January 6th Capitol riots. This could seriously harm innocent individuals, further dividing the country, which could ultimately see him facing a new set of charges for inciting violence.

Moreover, the January 6th Capitol riots demonstrated the real-world consequences of Trump’s words and actions. It is, therefore, important to take his recent call for mass protests seriously and prevent any violent incidents from occurring. The threat of violence is not just limited to New York City but could potentially spread to other cities where Trump has a significant following.

Secondly, Trump’s belief that another January 6th-style protest is going to happen is a sad mistake by the delusional former president. New York, his home state, has made it clear that they do not want any repeat of the January 6th events. Trump’s insistence on calling for mass protests despite this fact shows a complete disregard for public safety and highlights his inability to accept the reality of the situation.

Trump has also shown a lack of remorse for his role in the events of January 6th, instead claiming that his speech prior to the riots was “totally appropriate.” This suggests that he is not interested in promoting unity or healing in the country but instead focuses on his personal interests.

Thirdly, Trump’s call for mass protests is only going to provide more ammunition for the special prosecutor, Jack Smith. Trump’s indictment will be the first time a former U.S. President has faced indictment, and if found guilty on any of his charges, there are no pardons waiting for him from the Biden Administration. This is a clear indication that Trump is treading on dangerous waters, and his call for mass protests is likely to make things worse for him.

It is important to note that Trump has already faced legal challenges in the past, including two impeachments during his presidency. However, his current situation is unprecedented, with the possibility of him being indicted and facing serious criminal charges. In this context, any call to action by him is unlikely to gain traction, and it could end up being counterproductive for him.

Finally, it is essential to note that New Yorkers hate Trump, and his call for mass protests is unlikely to be well-received by the public. Trump’s reputation has suffered significant damage, and he has lost the trust of the State of New York. This means that any call to action by him is unlikely to gain traction, and it could end up being counterproductive for him.

The fact that Trump’s home state of New York does not support him is significant, as it shows that his influence is not as great as he believes it to be. Moreover, it highlights the growing political divide in the country and the need for a united front to move forward.