Monogamy: Why Men Are Dodging the Relationship Rock and a Hard Place

Image credit, Solen Feyissa

So, you’ve decided to venture into the unpredictable world of online dating, armed with your trusty profile and a virtual cup of coffee in hand. Congratulations on embarking on this digital adventure where swipes replace handshakes and emojis convey more emotions than words ever could. But before you dive headfirst into the sea of potential matches, let’s talk about the tricky topic of monogamy.

Ladies, we know you’re looking for that special someone who’s not just a swipe-right-fling, but someone who’s ready to ride the monogamy train with you. However, it seems like there’s a slight hiccup in the dating matrix – a minor miscommunication between women seeking commitment and men exploring the vast dating landscape.

Now, before we dissect this issue like a frog in biology class, let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room: 99.99% of the dating app realm is, well, thirsty. Most guys are on a quest for intimacy faster than you can say, “Is this a date or an audition for a Netflix series?”

Here’s the scoop: Many women, in their valiant quest for a monogamous relationship, boldly declare it in their dating profiles. It’s like planting a flag on Relationship Island before your potential partner has even figured out how to paddle a canoe. But hold your horses, ladies – this might be one of the biggest turn-offs for men.

Picture this: A guy, innocently scrolling through profiles, stumbles upon yours, and there it is – the bold proclamation of monogamous dreams. Suddenly, he’s trapped between a rock (your steadfast commitment expectations) and a very erect place (his desire to explore and meet new people).

Now, I’m not suggesting that men are commitment-phobic creatures. In fact, many do dream of a committed relationship with the right person – eventually. But here’s the catch: You’re asking him to commit to monogamy before he’s even sure if you’re the mac-n-cheese to his late-night cravings.

It’s not that men don’t want a committed relationship; it’s just that they might not be ready to swap their dating freedom for a golden ticket to Relationshipville on the first date. Think of it like trying on shoes – you wouldn’t buy a pair without checking if they fit, right?

So, here’s the deal: While online dating can feel like a buffet of romantic options, it’s crucial to acknowledge the unspoken rules of the game. Men want commitment, but they also want the freedom to explore until they find the perfect fit. Instead of scaring potential matches away with the monogamy bomb, consider leaving room for a gradual progression towards exclusivity.

Let’s face it – online dating is a jungle out there, and navigating it can be a hilarious adventure. So, update that profile bio, embrace the dating game, and remember that sometimes, the best relationships start with a little laughter and a lot of understanding. Happy swiping!