Michelle Runns (MzShellz): A Decades-Long Reign in Canadian Hip Hop and Fashion

In the ever-evolving landscape of hip-hop, few artists manage to carve a lasting impact that transcends cultures. One such luminary is Michelle Runns, affectionately known as MzShellz, a Canadian artist whose impact extends far beyond her home country’s borders, leaving an indelible mark in the United States.

MzShellz has been a formidable force in the music industry for nearly two decades, captivating audiences with her gritty lyrics and electrifying stage presence. Her fusion of glamour, beauty, and a keen understanding of the artistry behind a performer’s image sets her apart from the influx of new artists. That is why she resonates so much within the American music scenes.

Being an artist is more than just performing. It’s also about being marketable and presentable, which translates to tickets and merchandise bankability. This aspect of the business is too often overlooked, which can be to the detriment of any artist. For MzShellz this is a part of the music industry she understands very well, which is why she is magazine-ready. She has the look and swagger of an artist that you find in hip-hop publications.

Interestingly, Michelle Runns performs more frequently in the United States than in her native Canada. Throughout California cities and along the West Coast, she has left an undeniable impact, even headlining a show in the vibrant city of Las Vegas. Her ability to resonate with American audiences is attributed to her appreciation for the importance of image and stage presence – a characteristic reminiscent of the early pioneers of hip-hop.

Beyond being a captivating performer, MzShellz is a savvy businesswoman. Alongside her partner Sino General (Chief Rock), she operates the successful clothing brand “Native By Nature.” Launched in 2016, the brand seamlessly fuses hip-hop aesthetics with indigenous heritage. The concept behind Native By Nature, inspired by MzShellz’s own song “Get That Money,” reflects the profound idea that we are all native somewhere. It is a tribute to the deep connection between Indigenous culture and the city’s vibrant energy.

MzShellz’s journey as the CEO of Native By Nature exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit and dedication needed for success. She handled sewing and embroidering from humble beginnings, gradually expanding and acquiring new equipment. Her commitment to growth is evident in her transition from solo efforts to building a team, providing employment, and imparting valuable skills to her employees.

As the music and fashion industries converge, Michelle Runns stands at the intersection, a testament to the synergy between artistic expression and entrepreneurial acumen. Her resonance with both Canadian and American audiences positions her for continued success. In the future, accolades like a Juno or even a Grammy could grace her trophy case alongside her Indigenous Hip Hop award.

In celebrating Michelle Runns (MzShellz), we acknowledge her community contributions and representation of all Canadians and hip-hop enthusiasts. As her music and clothing line continues to captivate hearts on both sides of the border, the sky truly seems to be the limit for this Canadian icon.