Manitoba To Add 10 New Prosecutors, In Wake Of Losing Them To Other Provinces

The Manitoba government has announced new measures to ensure perpetrators of violent crime face consequences. For years, Manitoba has held the ominous title of being the murder capital of Canada, with an increase in the homicide rate annually. Justice Minister Goertzen stated that the government is committed to improving public safety by providing the justice system with the resources needed to provide a timely and consistent response to violent crime.

“The PCs have spent the last several years picking fights with Crown attorneys while crime rates increased. This government forced them to go three years without a contract, and in the last two years 26  attorneys have left their positions, many recruited to other provinces. Now that we’re in an election year, the PCs are desperately trying to cover up the problems they themselves created but it won’t change Manitoban’s minds.” Said, Nahanni Fontaine, NDP Justice Critic

As part of these measures, over $1.4 million is being allocated to the Manitoba Prosecution Service (MPS) to fund 10 new positions, which will increase capacity to address firearms trafficking, manufacturing, and related violent crime in Manitoba. These additional resources will hopefully lead to more successful prosecutions of those who commit violent crimes.

However, not everyone is convinced that these measures go far enough. Erika Dolcetti, president of the Manitoba Association of Crown Attorneys, has stated that while additional resources are welcome, the province needs to do more. Dolcetti added that they are losing prosecutors to British Columbia and Ontario, which offer better pay and working conditions. She noted that colleagues are leaving, and it won’t be long before more follow suit.

The issue of retaining experienced prosecutors is not a new one in Manitoba. In recent years, Crown attorneys have been asking the provincial government for better pay and working conditions. The government forced them to go three years without a contract, and in the last two years, there has been a mass exodus of attorneys leaving their positions, many recruited to other provinces.

The Manitoba government’s new measures are an important step towards improving public safety and addressing the issue of violent crime in the province. However, the government must also address the underlying issues that are causing experienced prosecutors to leave the province in search of better opportunities. Failure to address these issues could lead to a further brain drain of legal talent and make it more difficult for the justice system to prosecute those who commit violent crimes effectively.

Overall, the announcement of new measures to ensure perpetrators of violent crime face consequences is an important development in Manitoba’s ongoing fight against crime. However, more must be done to address the problem’s root causes and ensure that the justice system has the resources and personnel to respond to violent crime effectively.

Image source, Goertzen Twitter feed