Major Upgrades To Huskie Stadium In Halifax to Accommodate CFL Regular Season Game

On July 29th, Saturday, at 17:00, football fans from Ottwa to Halifax, Nova Scotia, will be treated to an exciting CFL game featuring the Saskatchewan Roughriders against the Toronto Argonauts at Huskies Stadium. The hosting of this game marks a significant milestone for Halifax, as it opens doors to once again showcase its capacity to support a CFL team. Major upgrades are underway at the Husky Stadium, including the addition of seating and the reconstruction of the press box to accommodate the media.

Touchdown Atlantic is a special event organized by the Canadian Football League (CFL) to bring a regular-season game to the Atlantic region. It allows football enthusiasts in the area to witness professional CFL teams live in action. The event was first introduced in 2005, and since then, it has been hosted intermittently in different cities within the region.

There have been discussions about expanding the CFL to the Halifax region for years. In 2003, a committee was established to examine the feasibility of adding a tenth team to the league, with Quebec City and Halifax being the leading candidates. Halifax, in particular, emerged as a front-runner for expansion, but the plans were put on hold when the Ottawa Renegades were suspended.

In 2010, the expansion aspirations shifted to Moncton, also considered a potential host city for a CFL team. However, there was no Touchdown Atlantic event between 2014 to 2018. Despite the challenges, the desire for a CFL team in the Atlantic region remained strong, leading to the return of Touchdown Atlantic in 2019.

Chris Isaacs, one of North America’s top basketball coaches for the girls under 16 provincial team from Winnipeg, expressed his excitement about the CFL’s return to Halifax. Currently competing in the North American Indigenous Games, Isaacs praised the opportunity to bring CFL football to the city and showcase its talent. He highlighted the importance of having affordable family entertainment, a hallmark of CFL games that resonates with communities across Canada.

Despite the enthusiasm surrounding Touchdown Atlantic, there have been debates about Halifax’s capacity to host a CFL team. Some critics argue that the city lacks the infrastructure and resources to support such an endeavour. However, supporters of CFL expansion in Halifax point to the city’s significant growth and potential. Comparisons are often drawn with Regina, which hosts the Saskatchewan Roughriders and enjoys tremendous support from fans across the province.

As Touchdown Atlantic returns to Halifax, football fans in the region eagerly anticipate the showcase of top-level CFL talent and affordable family entertainment. The event offers a glimpse of what the future could hold for Halifax if it were to host its own CFL team. With ongoing upgrades to the Huskies Stadium and a strong desire for football in the Atlantic region, the dream of a CFL team in Halifax may not be far-fetched. As fans cheer on their favourite teams during the game, the city’s potential as a CFL hub will undoubtedly be in the spotlight, creating excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead in Canadian football.