Major Fire To Winnipeg Non-Profit

The fire has caused Winnipeg Transit to re-route buses operating on parts of Portage until further notice

A major fire broke out early this morning in the 700 block of Portage Avenue. The fire was on the main floor of the New Directions building and spread throughout. Multiple fire trucks were called to attend to the blaze.

The cause of the fire at the moment remains unknown. We are still waiting to hear if the building had any occupants or if it had been vacant for the holidays. Parademic crews were at the scene of the fire but could be as a precautionary measure.

“New Directions for Children, Youth, Adults and Families Inc. is a nonprofit community-based organization that provides a diverse range of supports to individuals in a variety of settings. The range of services and supports we provide include day services to 24/7 staff residential settings, independent living where staff provide assistance only in identified targeted areas, supportive housing, cultural and education services, therapy, clinical and counselling services, and professional training.” As per the company’s website

The fire will no doubt cause an interruption to the company’s day to day operation, but with COVID and most organizations operating at smaller capacity or virtually, the impact of the fire may be minor. Winnipeg Transit bus routes operation on Portage Avenue has been rerouted until further notice.