Liz Cheney Expected To Lose Big In Upcoming Wyoming Primary

Cheney’s commitment to telling the truth about the January 6 attack on the Capitol is the right thing to do, but it does not make her a Marder

In the coming month, there will be a vote to see who will represent the Republican Party in the state of Wyoming in the United States House of Representatives. Currently, that position is held by Liz Cheney. However, Cheney is confident that she will lose her bid for re-election. She is running against a stop the steel, election was stolen Trump-endorsed candidate.

Cheney is the Vice Chair of the select committee investigating the attack on January 6th on the U.S Capital. Cheney is a part of the Republican party, and many of those members still support former President Donald Trump. As a result of going up against Trump, Cheney lost a lot of votes from fellow republicans.

In 2016, Cheney was elected to Congress and had high hopes for her tenure. She advocated for job creation, expanding American energy, cutting taxes and reducing regulations, and making America more powerful. During her time in this role, Cheney supported Trump 93% of the time, meaning she and Trump voted almost identically on every issue.

However, in a campaign announcement video, Cheney says she would “never put party above my duty to the country,” believing that the truth about January 6th needs to be told. In 2016, Cheney won her election by a 17.9% lead; however, it won’t be long until she accepts defeat. As of lately, the Wyoming Republican National Committee (GOP) Central Committee no longer recognizes Cheney as a part of the party.

It should not be hailed as courageous for doing your job. Cheney is doing the right thing, putting the country of the party as should everyone, but that does not make her a Marder, considering she voted to support 93% of the time while his administration was in power.

“Image from Liz Cheney Social Media”