Lisa Chen, Shattering The Glass Ceiling In The World Of Financial Trading

Chen ranks among the very best financial traders on the World Cup Trading Platform

Navigating the ups and downs of the financial markets can be a complicated endeavour for even the best advisors. This is even more frightening amid a pandemic and at the beginning of economic recovery. That’s unless you are Lisa Chen, one of 13 traders globally to hold the prestigious designation of a World Cup Advisor.

The World Cup Advisor platform is a big deal in the financial trading industry. It is invite only and based on an advisor’s history of being among the very best in their field. 2021, was arguably one of the most challenging years for trading due to the uncertainty caused by the pandemic. Chen earned a top-five finish in the prestigious World Cup Trading Championship. WCTC.

With over 37 countries participating in the WCTC, Chen’s decades of trading and knowledge of the financial markets produced an impressive net return of 80.9% in six months. For Chen, trading came naturally, considering she was one of the youngest persons to ever trade professionally at the age of 21.

Chen’s success is a result of her determination and drive to succeed in an environment that has not always been culturally or gender diverse. Chen’s drive to be the best and win is in her D.N.A., as she is also a two-time national auto-racing champion to go along with dozens of podium finishes.

“I’m a firm believer in being honest and transparent, which is what I love about being a World Cup Advisor – that every performance metric that people see is real.” Said Lisa Chen, President & CEO

Chen is not your typical trader; she is very open and honest about her trading methods. That is why she posts all her trading results on her website in real-time so everyone can see them. This type of transparency is not common in the financial industry, but Chen is not your everyday trader. She created her own algorithmic trading system that netted her the high result we spoke about at the W.C.T.C. And when you are among the best in the world, results mean everything.

Chen is ready to inspire the next generation of barrier-breaking traders by launching Lisa Chen Trading. Lisa’s goal is to provide her clients with an opportunity to obtain higher returns than traditional investment products by using an experienced team with over five decades of trading experience.

As more glass ceilings get shattered in the financial sector, Lisa is proud to play a role in inspiring a new status quo, challenging people to overcome limitations and strive to attain their goals.