Liberals avoid an early election with help from NDP

NDP to support Liberal throne speech and avoid fall election

An early election call in the middle of a pandemic would have been disastrous for Canadians but all averted with the help of Jagmeet Singh’s NDP. The Conservatives and Bloc indicated they will not support the Throne Speech which was expected.

O’Toole said the Throne Speech did not go far enough to help Canadians and Blanchet wanted a kings ransom in health transfer payments to Quebec without attachments.

Liberals avoid an early election with help from NDP

The NDP leader pushed for extended coverage for Canadians once the CERB expired along with Federal paid sick leave. Singh said “If what we’ve agreed upon is reflected in the bill that’s presented on Monday, if all the same elements are still there, then we will be able to support that bill and yes, we will be able to support the throne speech.

“Today marks the first step in achieving the first ever, in the history of our country, federal paid sick leave for Canadian workers.”

With the impending amendments to to Bill C-2 and the help of the NDP, the Trudeau government will stand.

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