Judge Rules In Favour Of Premier Heather Stefanson

Glover’s request to have results thrown out dismissed

Stefanson won the leadership race by a margin of fewer than 400 votes out of approximately 16,500 that were cast. Glover had asked for the voting to be delayed to ensure all mail-in ballots were received, but that did not happen. The Party had initially identified about 1,000 ballots that were not sent out but insisted they made it in the mail in time for the voting.

“There were substantial irregularities involved in this election that impacted the result and the counting of the votes.” Said Glover She had asked the party to delay the voting process once the public was made aware approximately 1,200 ballots were late in reaching voters. However, a spokesperson for the Conservative Party insisted all votes made it in time to eligible members.

The judge indicated the applicant seeking to annul an election must have the burden of proof in which Glover’s campaign did not, which is in line with a similar ruling by the Canadian Supreme court. Glover was not able to prove there were sufficient voting irregularities or proof someone who was not entitled to vote, voted.

The judge placed an emphasis on irregularities based on voters, proper voting identification and record keeping. He often referred back to the rules outlined in the P.C Party constitution that set the election rules for the leadership campaign.

He further indicated he is satisfied that both candidates were aware of the rules of the P.C Party regarding voting and procedures, which were accepted by all candidates. Neither candidate appeared, complained or objected to the verification committee set forth by the P.C Party prior to the voting. The judge further ruled the election act does not apply to the leadership race being that the P.C Party is a private entity, governed by their own rules with the exception of campaign financing.

The court can only annul an election if the magic number was reached, which means the rejected number of ballots outnumber that of plurality or face disenfranchising voters. He is satisfied with the contract of the leadership race created by the party and executive committee.

Glover’s lawyers request to have a new vote based on ballot box tampering or voter irregularities, lacked sufficient proof to nullify the election.