Joe Manchin – D.I.N.O, Democrat In Name Only

Manchin insults Biden and Democrats by voting against the President’s “Build Back Better” legislation.

For months West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin has been a constant obstructionist to President Biden and the Democratic Party’s efforts to pass meaningful legislation. The U.S Senate was inching closer to voting on President Biden’s “Build Back Better” legislations, then today, Joe Manchin, the West Virginia Senator, announced he cannot vote for his own party policies in good conscience.

This is a devastating blow to the party that has spent the last year wooing and appeasing Manchin. From the start of Biden’s Presidency, Manchin has opposed meaningful legislation proposed by his own party.

Legislation that would address climate change, increase Medicare, reduce prescription drug costs and provide better dental coverage for West Virginians. These are all things that would benefit one of the poorer states in the union. Manchin chose not to support them!

Manchin’s actions disrespect the families already struggling financially. His decision to vote no for the $300 child tax payment further highlights his (D.I.N.O) Democrat In Name Only mentality. West Virginians thought they were electing a Democrat to represent them but instead got a D.I.N.O. Now it’s time the people of West Virginia exercise their vote in 2025 and vote out Senator Joe Manchin, the D.I.NO.

And if they don’t, they should not be surprised if he gets re-elected and continues to vote on policies in line with special interest groups and the Republican Party. Manchin is a D.I.N.O, and it should not surprise anyone if he officially crossed the aisle and caucused with the Republicans. Manchin can no longer be considered a Democrat and cannot be trusted!. It’s time President Biden played hardball with this D.I.N.O.