Is President Petro The First Step To Change In Colombia?

Petro becomes Colombia’s first left wing President

This past Sunday, June 19, 2022- Colombia welcomed its new President, 62-year-old Gustavo Petro, along with Vice President Francia Márquez. A senator and the previous major of Bogota, Petro, won the election by receiving more than 50% of the votes. His political agenda includes addressing the issue of environmental sustainability, along with making economic changes and adjustments.

Some of Petro’s plans include free higher education and tax reforms such as increasing taxes on the wealthy. And regarding the environment, Petro would like to explore the renewable energy industry while moving away from Colombia’s oil export. In addition, he has concerns about the deforestation taking place in the Colombian Amazon and how it is contributing to global warming. Vice President Márquez is also an environmental advocate and fights for social justice.

The country remains divided when it comes to supporting Petro. The younger voters overwhelmingly supported him, hoping for change, while the older generations tended to be cautious of his new ideas and promises.

The opposing candidate Rodolfo Hernández responded to the election announcement via social media, stating, “I sincerely hope that this decision is beneficial for everyone.”

“What we are writing at this moment in history, new history for Colombia, for Latin America, for the world.” Said President-Elect Petro

Petro’s win made him the first president from the left political spectrum, and Márquez became the first Black vice president to hold the office.

Petro spoke on stage to the people of Colombia, talking about the changes he would instigate. He marked the moment by saying, “Change means opening opportunities for Colombians, change means that hope can do and fill every corner of the national territory, hope reigns in the heart, change means that the government of hope has arrived.”

“Image credit from Petro’s social media”