Iraqi Prime Minister Escaped An Assassination Attempt On His Life

The assassination attempt was carried out by an unmanned drone

By: Maha Altamimi

In Baghdad, Iraq’s capital, Iraq Prime Minister Al-Kazemi was returning from an inspection tour at the Green Zone’s southern gate. Suddenly, a drone targeted him while he was about to enter his house from this tour. This drone injured at least six guards, in addition to causing some minor damage to his property.

According to media sources, Al-Kazemi has been moved to the hospital for observation. Two government officials stated at least one explosion occurred at Al-Kazemi’s house, affirming that Al-Kazemi was unharmed. In a video posted on Twitter, Al-Kazemi reiterated that he was fine and urged everyone to be calm and restrained. 

Iraq blamed foreign actors for the attack. According to the United States of America’s UN mission, this is abhorrent: “Terrorism, violence and illegal actions must not be allowed to undermine Iraq’s stability and pervert the democratic process.” 

The assassination attempt, according to the Iraqi Republic President Barham Salih, was “a dangerous trespass and a heinous crime against Iraq, and it is not acceptable to drag Iraq into anarchy.” However, as of writing, there has been no claim of responsibility for the incident so far.