I’m Taken By A Pack Of Loyal Fur Babies

Image Credit, Fotokalde

Ladies, let’s have a real talk about your dating app bio, specifically when you declare that your dogs are your first love and top priority. We get it, you adore your furry four-legged friends. They’re your cuddle buddies, your Netflix companions, and the reason you have a lint roller in every room. But let’s decode what you’re really saying:

“Dear Potential Suitor, I’m not quite ready for an intimate relationship with a human. My dogs come first, second, and possibly third. If I had a kennel of eight, nine, or ten, you’d rank somewhere in the low teens.”

You love your pups so much, you’re smooching them in photos, and we’re happy for you – truly! But there’s a tiny issue: you might be sending a slightly intimidating message to the guys swiping through.

Here’s the scoop. Men like dogs. Yes, most men do like dogs. They might even have their own canine companion. But the thought of always playing second fiddle to Fluffy? Not so much.

Telling a potential suitor that they’ll always be number two (or lower) is like saying, “Welcome to the doghouse of my life!” It’s a tough sell. If your dog is the George Clooney of pets, most guys will feel like Danny DeVito in comparison.

When you declare your dogs as your primary relationship, you might as well be saying, “I’m taken, but by a pack of loyal pooches.” It’s a surefire way to ensure you’re watching Netflix and cuddling with your fur babies solo for the foreseeable future.

So, keep it light and funny! Mention you have dogs, sure. Maybe even that they’re a big part of your life. But leave some room for the human who might just be your next great love (and who, by the way, can open pickle jars and reach the top shelf).

Remember, ladies, while it’s wonderful to love your dogs, try not to scare off potential suitors with tales of your undying canine devotion. After all, you deserve a love that’s not just paws-itively fantastic, but human too.