Illegal Truck Convoy Organizers Have Sudden Change Of Heart, Hogwash!

The illegal truck convoy held Ottawa and cities across Canada hostage for weeks, and now they expect sympathy from Canadians

Listening to one of the truck Convoy organizers, Chris Barber, testify in front of the Parliamentary committee as he recounts his version of the illegal blockade that held Ottawa hostage was laughable. His sudden change of heart for his part in the convoy is worthy of an award for the worst actor.

Canadians cannot forget the disruption of businesses and the flow of goods caused by the truck convoy. There have been threats to politicians, doctors, and healthcare workers during a COVID outbreak, truck horns honking all night, nonstop parties, mountains of trash, obscenities, foul language, and all the poor display of character from the trucking Convoy for weeks, and now Chris Barber expects sympathy from Canadians; this will never happen.

“It was a group of organizers… We had people in every province step up; we had helpers in every province. It was all; everyone just came together. Said Chris Barber

Nothing about what Barber and the convoy did was a peaceful protest. If that is their definition, they need to consult Wikipedia because they were an absolute Menace to the city of Ottawa, which carried over to many major cities across the country and copycats throughout other nations.

It was great for the nation when the Emergencies Measures Act was used as law enforcement, and politicians failed the people they were supposed to serve. And for everybody against the Emergencies Measures Act, you’re mistaken and on the wrong side of history. Everyone has a right to peaceful protest; what the trucker’s convoys did was not it. Everyone has a right to decide what goes inside their body, such as vaccines.

Hundreds and thousands of unvaccinated people didn’t carry on like Hooligans and did not want to harm healthcare workers or threaten acts of violence toward elected officials. So Chris Barber and his sudden calling to the light of righteous indignation deserve the judicial book thrown at him and his co-conspirators to the full extent of Canadian law.