I Would Not Date A Musician, Or Some Who Likes Music

Image Credit, Pexel

Imagine you’re deep in the trenches of online dating, navigating through a sea of profiles in search of that elusive spark. You come across a profile that ticks all your boxes—great smile, loves dogs, and shares your passion for hiking. Things are looking promising until you read, “I will not date a musician or someone who likes music.”

Hold the phone. Did you just stumble upon a rare breed of human who’s impervious to the universal language of melodies and rhythms? It’s like discovering a unicorn that insists it’s just a horse with a horn. Now, we’re all for unique preferences, but not liking music? That’s like saying you don’t enjoy laughing or breathing; it’s practically hardwired into our DNA.

Sure, there might be a backstory here. Maybe they once dated a ukulele enthusiast who serenaded them with renditions of nursery rhymes at 3 AM. Or perhaps they had a bad encounter with a trombone player whose idea of a romantic gesture involved a rendition of “Flight of the Bumblebee” during dinner. But regardless of the past, excluding music lovers from your dating pool is like trying to enjoy a dance party without any music—it just doesn’t quite hit the right note.

So, ladies, as you craft your dating profiles, consider this: embracing someone’s love for music could open the door to shared concerts, spontaneous karaoke nights, and soulful serenades under the stars. It’s not just about compatibility; it’s about finding someone who harmonizes with your heartstrings. So, maybe swipe right on that guitar-strumming poet or that piano-playing adventurer—you might just find the soundtrack to your happily ever after.

After all, in the symphony of life, love and music often play the most beautiful duet.