I Don’t Do The Kid Thing, I Get Moody Around Them

Image Credit, Ayyan48

Ladies, if your bio screams, “I don’t do kids and get moody around them,” congrats! You’ve just eliminated 99.9% of the men on these apps. Most of these fellas are middle-aged with a brood they adore—or, surprise, they might be featured on the next episode of Jerry Springer or Maury because they just found out they’re the father!

We get it: changing diapers, snotty noses, endless doctor’s appointments—who needs that? But before you swipe left on every dad out there, think about what you might be missing. Picture this: Mr. Right with 2.5 kids, a charming white picket fence, a dog, a cat, and a life full of PTA meetings. This guy coaches soccer on weekends, flips pancakes like a pro, and knows how to make a mean spaghetti bolognese.

Now, let’s be honest. Kids can be a challenge. They’ll test your patience and your ability to locate that one missing shoe five minutes before school starts. You’ll have to endure animated movie marathons that make you question your life choices and decipher homework assignments that seem like they were written in ancient hieroglyphics.

But here’s the kicker: kids can also be the best comedy show you never asked for. Imagine all the hilarious and heartwarming moments you could be part of. The spontaneous dance parties in the living room, the funny mispronunciations that become family jokes, and the pure joy of seeing their faces light up when you remember their favorite snack.

Plus, dating a dad can come with some serious perks. Ever thought about how sexy a man looks while handling a toddler meltdown with the skill of a bomb disposal expert? Or how about the way he can juggle work, playdates, and a home-cooked dinner without breaking a sweat?

And let’s not forget the bonus skills dads have. They’ve got bedtime stories down to an art form, know the exact right way to bandage a scraped knee, and have a network of other cool parents who can turn into your new social circle. What man doesn’t love a woman who can seamlessly fit into his life and take care of his little munchkins?

So, before you dismiss every potential dad out there, consider the perks. You might just find yourself with a ready-made family, complete with all the love, laughter, and chaos that comes with it. Be open-minded. Who knows, you might just find your very own dad-of-the-year, and those kids? They might turn out to be pretty awesome too. After all, who wouldn’t want to be the star of the next great family sitcom?