How Does The Virginia Governor’s Race Affect The 2022 Midterm Elections?

Republican Candidate Glenn Youngkin wins the Virginia Gubernatorial election

A devastating day for the Democratic party, as the Virginia Gubernatorial race 2021 results are shown to be in the Republicans’ favor, after voters elected Glenn Youngkin to be the new Governor of Virginia.

Many were speculating the results of the election, one of them is President Biden who told reporters during COP26 “we are going to win” when asked about the tight race between the former Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe and first-time Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin. Yet, despite his prediction, the results are shown to differ.

“My fellow Virginians, we stand here this morning at this defining moment, a defining moment that yes, started with two people on a walk, and a defining moment that is now millions of Virginians walking together.”- Said Glenn Youngkin during his victory speech.

People of Virginia headed to the polls on Tuesday, while keeping in mind the significance of their decision. Since the results of this race could determine the outcome of the 2022 midterm elections, as well as the future of the political scene between the parties within the next three years.