Have You Tried The Haggis Ice Cream Yet?

If you are visiting Scotland, two scoops of Haggis ice cream may just be the dessert treat for you

In a Scottish town called Aberdeen, Mackies 19.2 is one of the country’s largest producers of ice cream, with hundreds of unique flavours, and one of those is based on the country’s native dish, Haggis.

Haggis is a savoury pudding that contains all the most exciting inner parts of sheep—the heart, liver, and lungs mixed with minced onion, oatmeal, suet, species, and salt. This is all combined with stock and then cooked encased in a lining. Since it is composed of many animal parts, Haggis is reminiscent of a hotdog with sheep innards.

Haggis is an acquired taste, and turning a dish loved by the people of Scotland into a savoury dessert may be just the adventurous type of treat to try when on vacation.

The Haggis is mixed with savoury orange marmalade and vanilla-based ice cream. While the taste may be unique to visitors to Scotland, the Scottish people see the dessert as another innovative way of preparing a traditional dish.

If you take a trip to the highlands or outside of the city, it becomes clear why this dish is a classic. Spotted all through the rolling green hills, hundreds to thousands of sheep roam around, contributing to the plethora of hearts and livers.

Scotland is home to some of the world’s most fantastic food dishes and desserts, and Haggis is just one of those famous dishes. However, while it is a unique dish, it is not something you will find at every restaurant and is certainly not the most popular ice cream flavour, but it’s worth trying.