Glasgow Holds The COP26

The COP26 has officially kicked off in Glasgow

The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) is finally in motion, since it was postponed for twelve months due to the global pandemic. The 26th conference is held in Glasgow, Scotland, Between 31 October and 12 November of this year.

The United Kingdom holds the presidency of the COP26. Along with Italy’s partnership with the Kingdom to lead the annual conference, which gathered leaders of more than 100 countries, to discuss and review the progress of the commitments they previously implemented during the Paris Agreement.

One of the most important goals is to keep a 1.5 ॰C temperature rise, which brought up the coal phase-out discussion during the conference. Along with other important topics such as the climate financial plans. 

“The United Nations Climate Change Conference #COP26  opened today with the key aims of rising ambition on all fronts and finalizing the Paris Agreements implementation guidelines.”- Announced by the COP26 through their official Twitter page.

As the negative effects of climate change keep increasing, world leaders have gathered to address this issue and establish plans to combat the reasons behind it, which are mainly caused by human interference with the climate system. That is in hopes of achieving the conferences’ main goals, and creating a better future for the world.