Gaza’s Tears

Image Credit, Amrulqays Maarof

In Gaza’s desperate dusk, where sorrow clings,
Beneath the shroud of tears, humanity stings.
A tale unfolds, etched in the ash and strife,
A narrative of pain, a cruel dance with life.

Bombs echo in Rafa, a relentless drum,
As shattered hopes whisper, “Will this ever be done?”
Hostages yearn for freedom’s sweet caress,
Yet in the shadows, they remain in distress.

Leaders of the world, with peace on their tongue,
Yet in their actions, a discordant song is sung.
A genocide feasts on the innocent’s despair,
While promises of harmony vanish in the air.

Hearts shattered, children robbed of mirth,
No more laughter, no innocent birth.
Starvation’s cruel embrace tightens its hold,
On holy cities, where stories of anguish are told.

Mosques and graveyards bear witness, laid bare,
Decimated dreams in the desolate air.
For what purpose do these horrors unfold,
When innocence pays the price, in stories untold?

When will the bombs relent, when will peace find its way?
When will the hostages see the light of day?
As the world watches, claiming to stand for the just,
It feasts on the remnants of a people’s trust.

History, the silent judge, will cast its gaze,
On those who devoured Gaza in this deadly maze.
They may wash their hands, try to hide the stain,
But in the annals of time, their deeds remain.

When the dust settles and silence descends,
The echoes of sorrow will linger, as time amends.
Yet the scars on the land and souls left to grieve,
Will testify to the anguish no one can retrieve.