Garry Alejo: Inspiring Community Engagement and Empowering First-Time Voters

The story of Garry Alejo stands as a testament to the remarkable influence of community involvement and its profound impact on democratic processes. As he takes his stride into the political arena, running as a candidate for the Manitoba Liberals in the Burrows constituency, his unwavering commitment to community service and political transformation shines brightly.

Originating from the Philippines, Alejo’s journey took an international turn when he and his family moved to Canada. Armed with a Bachelor of Accountancy and a remarkable 24-year career spanning finance, accounting, and business process enhancement, Alejo’s expertise shone brilliantly in the finance department of a distinguished airline company.

However, Alejo’s narrative transcends mere professional achievements. His dedication to the community serves as a true inspiration. From founding the Northwest Bear Clan Patrol chapter, a diverse group actively engaged with the community, to his role as a Board Member for organizations like Caring For Our Environment Manitoba and Tyndall Park Community Centre, Alejo has embraced community service with sincere passion.

In 2021 the Federal Government declared The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Alejo dedicated his efforts to raising funds in support of an Indigenous organization. His friend created a design featuring an “Every Child Matters” T-shirt, with translations into various Indigenous languages, including Filipino Tagalog, translated as “Mahalaga Ang Bawat Bata.” Filipinos, Indigenous and Non-Indigenous communities supported Alejo’s project. Alejo donated 100% of the profit to a non-profit organization to help the women and children who were victims of abuse in the community.

One of the most remarkable facets of Alejo’s campaign lies in its ability to ignite a spark among many first-time voters, encouraging their participation in the electoral process for the first time. In an environment where voter apathy often takes hold, Alejo’s presence has motivated these individuals to cast their ballots, marking a significant shift in their civic engagement.

The magnitude of this moment is truly profound. A candidate resonating so deeply with the community that it leads to a surge in first-time voters speaks volumes about the resonance of his message. Alejo’s genuine commitment to community betterment and his inclusive approach has struck a chord, bridging the divide between political discourse and the real-life experiences of the people he aims to represent.

In an era where success trajectories in politics are often guided by perceived electability, Alejo emerges as a formidable contender, presenting a genuine chance for victory in a field lacking a clear front-runner. His name recognition, cultivated through years of community engagement and service, enhances his credibility. The community stands firmly behind him, as evidenced by the enthusiastic groups of volunteers diligently knocking on doors day after day.

Furthermore, Alejo’s selection as the prestigious Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Medal (Provincial) recipient adds another layer of distinction to his journey. This distinguished honour, commemorating the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s Accession to the Throne as Queen of Canada, represents the highest recognition granted to a citizen. It underscores Alejo’s dedication to driving positive change, tireless advocacy, and his enduring commitment to societal improvement.

Burrows becomes a constituency to monitor closely as the calendar inches closer to October. Garry Alejo’s presence has revitalized the democratic process, infusing it with renewed engagement and enthusiasm. His candidacy embodies the potential for positive transformation when community advocacy converges with political action.