Finding Mr. Perfect: The Ultimate Online Dating Grocery List

Image credit, Tumisu

In the ever-evolving world of online dating, women often find themselves navigating through a virtual supermarket of potential partners. To make the process more entertaining, some ladies have come up with the ultimate grocery list of requirements for their dream man. Brace yourself, because it’s not just about looks and charm – it’s about creating a checklist that would make any unicorn blush.

1. Good Looks Loyalty: First and foremost, he must be easy on the eyes. We’re talking jawline for days, dazzling eyes, and a smile that could melt the polar ice caps. Loyalty is also crucial – he should be willing to pledge allegiance to your awesomeness.

2. Monogamy Minded Must be Making Six Figures: Ladies, it’s time to break out the financial binoculars. Not only should he be faithful, but he should also be raking in the dough. If he’s not making six figures, he better be able to at least spell it. Love may be blind, but the bank account isn’t.

3. The Perfect Body Tall Dark Handsome: Move over, Ken Doll – we’re talking about a real-life Adonis. Tall, dark, and handsome is the trifecta, and anything less is just settling. Bonus points if he moonlights as a runway model.

4. Loves Dogs, Can Cook, Likes to Travel, Beautiful Car: If he doesn’t have a furry friend, a culinary degree, a passport with stamps, and a car that turns heads – swipe right immediately. This man should be the canine-cooking, globetrotting, car connoisseur of your dreams.

5. Must Be Good in the Bedroom Must Not Have Kids: It’s not just about the looks; he should have a PhD in romance and a clean family tree. Bedroom skills are non-negotiable, and if he has kids, well, it’s a deal-breaker. This is about the pursuit of perfection, after all.

6. Must Like Dining Out and So Forth: If he’s not a gastronomic enthusiast, well, what’s the point? The perfect man should appreciate the finer things in life, especially when those things come plated and paired with a nice wine. “So forth” is the unwritten requirement for the man who knows how to keep a conversation going.

Now, if you manage to find this man – the one in a trillion – congratulations! But here’s the catch: the best thing you can do if you want all of this? Be everything on that list yourself. Yes, it’s a tall order, but so is finding a unicorn at the local grocery store.

In reality, men are simple creatures. They may want intimacy and a woman who cares for them. A decent cook in the kitchen is a bonus. Income, job title, and other superficial aspects? Most men could really care less. It’s all about finding someone with whom you can vibe, laugh, and build a connection beyond the checklist.

So, ladies, as you embark on the quest for Mr. Perfect, remember that unicorns are rare, and sometimes, settling for a regular horse with a great sense of humor might just be the key to a happily ever after. Swipe wisely, and may the grocery list odds be ever in your favor!