ExpressVote Sets Gold Standard: New York Voters Get Massive Upgrade To Secure Voting with XL System

Election Systems & Software (ES&S) has achieved a remarkable milestone that promises to revolutionize the voting process and address the issues that have been major deterrents for years. The New York State Board of Elections (NYSBOE) has officially certified the ExpressVote XL Universal Voting System, placing an emphasis on usability, inclusivity, and the quest to set new gold standards for voting technology.

“This decision marks a monumental step forward for the voters of New York,” said Tom Burt, ES&S President and CEO. “They now have access to the latest in secure voting technology, a testament to our commitment to providing secure and accessible voting solutions that empower voters and enhance the democratic process. We’re excited to bring this new technology which was built for New York to jurisdictions across New York.”

In an era where the integrity of the electoral process is paramount, the ExpressVote XL Universal Voting System certification stands as a beacon of hope. This advanced voting technology is not just about upgrading the hardware; it’s about reimagining the entire experience to make it more user-friendly and inclusive.

The ExpressVote XL boasts a design that prioritizes usability. Its interface is not only intuitive but also inviting, making the act of voting a more accessible and engaging process. Voters of all backgrounds, including those with disabilities and non-English speakers, can now easily navigate the system. This inclusivity ensures that every citizen can cast a secure and verifiable paper ballot, fostering a sense of unity and fairness in the electoral process.

In the wake of recent voting machine issues that have played out in public, ES&S is positioning itself at the forefront of voting technology and standards. The ExpressVote XL responds to the challenges and concerns that have shaken public confidence in election systems. It represents a commitment to ensuring that the electoral process remains a cornerstone of democracy. It’s about instilling confidence and trust in voters, assuring them that their voices are heard and protected. In a world where the integrity of elections is under scrutiny, this innovative system offers a path forward, making voting more accessible and secure for all citizens and setting a new gold standard for the future of elections.