Don’t Get Primaried

In the upcoming 2024 US election, the term “getting primaried” carries significant weight. But what exactly does this mean, who are the candidates facing this challenge, and why does it matter for the future of American politics?

One prime example of a candidate facing the possibility of being primaried is Joe Manchin. Manchin, a Democratic Senator from West Virginia, who is notorious for his unwillingness to toe the party line. He has often voted against Democratic bills, citing that he’s acting in the best interest of his constituents. However, many argue that his decisions also align with the interests of certain companies including those owned by himself. Manchin’s stance has raised questions about who might primary him. While there may be candidates interested in challenging the West Virginia Senator, whether they can beat him remains uncertain.

A similar figure in this political drama is Kyrsten Sinema. Like Manchin, Sinema, the Senator for Arizona, has held up Democratic legislation too many times. However, instead of facing the possibility of being primaried within her own party, she has taken a different route. Earlier this year, Sinema chose to sit as an independent and will run in the upcoming elections without the support of the Democrats.

These instances serve as stark reminders of the consequences of not adhering to the party line. Primaries can become a battleground for those who diverge from party norms, potentially leading to their ousting from the political stage.

In this ever-evolving political landscape, the fate of candidates like Manchin and Sinema underscores the challenges faced by those who prioritize their individual beliefs over party unity. As the 2024 election looms, it remains to be seen whether these candidates will emerge victorious or if the primaries will serve as a reminder of the price one can pay for straying from party ideals.

Furthermore, the importance of utilizing independent media outlets, like the Daily Scrum News, cannot be overstated. These independent news organizations offer candidates a unique advantage – messaging. Candidates can tell their stories to the people directly and make a compelling case for why they want to serve. Furthermore, it allows them to tell compelling stories about their aspirations and policies. Unlike the rigid format of mainstream media, independent outlets offer flexibility, enabling candidates to connect with their audience on a more personal level.

Additionally, independent media tends to be more affordable. They work with budgets of all sizes, ensuring that candidates, regardless of their financial resources, have a platform to reach their constituents effectively. This means that candidates’ advertising dollars can stretch further when they choose to work with independent outlets.

In the relentless pursuit of political success, candidates must adapt, innovate, and utilize all available resources. To overlook the potential of independent media is to deny themselves a critical tool in their quest for victory. In 2024 and beyond, embracing these smaller outlets may be the key to ensuring that one can proudly declare, “I did it. I won. I was not primaried.”