Displaced Gazans Face Harsh Conditions in Al-Mawasi and Khan Younis

Image Credit, NRC

Al-Mawasi, Gaza Strip – As the conflict continues to ravage Gaza, thousands of displaced residents are finding refuge in the 14-kilometre-long sandy area of Al-Mawasi. With inadequate shelter available, many are forced to sleep in makeshift shelters directly on the sand, facing harsh living conditions and a lack of basic amenities.

In addition to the crisis in Al-Mawasi, residents returning to Khan Younis are confronted with extensive damage to homes and infrastructure. The city remains fraught with danger from unexploded ordnances, adding to the dire situation for those attempting to rebuild their lives amidst the rubble.

The humanitarian situation is exacerbated by the closure of the Rafah crossing, a critical gateway for aid and supplies. This closure, a result of ongoing Israeli operations, has left the displaced population without access to much-needed tents and other emergency relief items.

Moreover, the economic situation is bleak. There is extremely low liquidity, leaving people without access to cash necessary for buying food, water, or paying for transportation to safer areas. The lack of financial resources is a significant barrier to survival and escape for many.

As the crisis continues, the displaced population in Gaza faces an uncertain and perilous future, with immediate needs for shelter, food, and safety remaining unmet.