Democratic Infighting Isn’t Improving Americans Well-being

Democratic Senators withhold their votes to pass Biden’s plan 

By: Rawan Alshehri

As part of his administration’s agenda, President Biden has proposed the Build Back Better Bill, which is a legislation plan to improve the lives of American citizens. Yet, not all the Democratic party members are in favor of this proposal.

The proposal suggests funding for the three main parts of this plan; the American Rescue plan, which is the Covid-19 relief package that was signed back in March of this year. The American Jobs Plan to rebuild the infrastructure and create jobs. And lastly, the American Families Plan to invest in education and childcare.

In order to pass this bill, all members of the Democratic Party need to be in favor of passing the legislation. While nearly all of them do agree with this plan, Senator Kyrsten Sinema and Senator Joe Manchin are holding back their votes.

Something to keep in mind is that both Senators are taking lobbyist contributions since taking office, which could be a major factor behind their decision to withhold their votes.

When people continue to struggle with the effects of the pandemic, such as losing jobs and financial instability, it is unfortunate to see lawmakers put their interests first. The Democrats’ infighting has made it difficult to pass the plan that would greatly benefit Americans, to help them get back on track and improve their lives.