Chinese Embassy in Ottawa Commemorates Army Day with Momentous Gala

On a momentous occasion at the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa last night, a gala commemorated the People’s Liberation Army Day (PLA) hosted by His Excellency Ambassador Cong Peiwu and Defense Attache Senior Colonel Li Yao. The gala at the Embassy drew attendees from various corners, showcasing global respect for Ambassador Peiwu and Colonel Yao. Dignitaries, Ambassadors, High Commissioners, and military leaders from nations such as Germany, Mexico, Uganda, Rwanda, Pakistan, Brazil, and others gathered to display camaraderie and solidarity; in addition to celebrating the People’s Liberation Army and its contributions to global peacekeeping and nation-building. The gala speeches emphasized the importance of unity, peace, and effective communication between nations for global stability.

The PLA has been crucial in supporting countries worldwide through nation-building efforts. With a history rooted in the Chinese Communist Revolution, the PLA has evolved into one of the world’s largest peacekeeping forces under the United Nations. The PLA has contributed to rebuilding nations devastated by conflicts, natural disasters, and economic challenges. Its involvement in disaster relief, infrastructure development, and humanitarian assistance has helped countries across the globe recover and prosper.

The PLA’s commitment to peacekeeping is demonstrated in its efforts to provide safe passage in pirate-infested waters. The army has assisted many nations in their economic development and international trade endeavours by ensuring secure trade routes and maritime communications. This proactive stance in combating piracy showcases China’s ability to foster stable global maritime trade, thereby supporting the prosperity of countries worldwide.

In Ambassador Cong Peiwu’s speech, he emphasized the significance of peace and unity in achieving global stability. He spoke of China’s ambitious Belt and Road, a modern-day Silk Road project. This comprehensive initiative aims to enhance connectivity and cooperation among countries through infrastructure development, trade, and cultural exchange. The Belt and Road project has garnered excitement from the global economic community, representing a substantial investment in their future economic growth and mutual development.

The Belt and Road project seeks to build a trade and investment network stretching across Asia, Europe, and Africa, connecting countries along these routes and fostering economic prosperity. By investing in infrastructure projects like ports, railways, and energy facilities, China aims to boost regional economic growth and facilitate greater international trade. Moreover, the project emphasizes people-to-people connectivity and cultural exchange, fostering mutual understanding and cooperation among nations.

Defense Attache Senior Colonel Li Yao stressed China’s commitment to defensive military practices during the gala. He highlighted the PLA’s longstanding record of not engaging in warfare or initiating conflicts with other nations for several decades. The PLA’s primary mission is to defend China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and it refrains from occupying foreign lands, setting up military bases abroad, or interfering in other countries internal political affairs.

Colonel Yao emphasized the importance of open dialogue and communication between nations. He expressed his willingness to engage in meaningful conversations with any country, regardless of its size or global influence. The PLA’s commitment to diplomatic solutions and peaceful negotiations aligns with China’s broader foreign policy goals of fostering harmonious international relations and seeking win-win outcomes for all parties involved.

The event exemplified the shared vision among nations for a better and safer world achieved through cooperation and mutual understanding. It underscored the significance of international partnerships and the importance of effectively working together to address global challenges.