China Calls for Ceasefire and Palestinian Statehood During Egypt Visit

In a recent diplomatic development, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi, while in Egypt, called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and advocated for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. The call came during a joint press conference with Egypt’s Foreign Affairs Minister Sameh Shoukri in Cairo, where the two ministers emphasized the need to halt all acts of violence, killings, and the targeting of civilians in the region.

Minister Wang Yi, who is currently on an Africa tour, is scheduled to visit Ivory Coast, Tunisia, and Togo as part of his diplomatic engagements. The discussions in Cairo underscore China’s active involvement in addressing the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East.

During the press conference, Minister Yi highlighted the importance of establishing Palestine’s independent and fully sovereign state. He called for a resolution based on the borders of 1967, with east Jerusalem designated as the capital. This statement aligns with longstanding international consensus and UN resolutions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Following the press conference, Minister Sameh Shoukri held additional discussions with Minister Yi and later met with Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. The engagements reflect the diplomatic efforts by both nations to address the escalating tensions in the region and find a peaceful resolution.

As the situation in Gaza unfolds, the diplomatic efforts by China and Egypt add a new dimension to the international response. The call for an immediate end to violence and the pursuit of a two-state solution demonstrates a proactive stance by these nations in seeking a peaceful resolution to one of the most enduring conflicts in the world.