Canadians Leave Texas And Florida, Come Home Now

Texas Governor Abbot begs for COVID help from Biden & Florida Governor Desantis wants to unwind Testing

Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Florida’s Ron DeSantis have abdicated their duties as heads of their states and weaponized COVID-19 with copious amounts of misinformation. Texas and Florida lead the country in COVID-19 cases and has had the highest death rates in America.

Canadians vacation to these places to get away from the cold and enjoy retirement, but it’s time they get as far away from the pandemic epicentres as soon as possible. These governments don’t give a damn about the best interest of Americans and opt to rhetoric over factual medical advice to address the pandemic.

Abbott and DeSantis continually put themselves and their special interest first; so why in hell would they care about Canadians? It’s time the Canucks cut ties and head on home. As long as these two senseless, idiotic, bumbling buffoons remain in power, Canadians are not safe.