Canadian Company Real Smart Technologies: Leading The Charge In Smart Home Construction

In today’s rapidly evolving world, technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace. From smartphones that can practically run our lives to self-driving cars, innovations have become an integral part of our daily existence. However, there is one significant area where technology seems to be lagging – home construction. Despite the growing availability of various smart technologies, the adoption of these advancements in building homes remains surprisingly sluggish. From smart plugs and USB ports to automatic tinted window shades and sump pump monitors, countless opportunities exist to make our homes smarter and more efficient. Yet, for some reason, the real estate industry has been slow to embrace these innovations.

Imagine a world where your home adapts to your needs seamlessly. Smart plugs, for instance, allow you to control your appliances remotely, conserving energy and making life more convenient. USB ports integrated into walls eliminate the need for clunky adapters and chargers. Automatic tinted window shades can adjust to the changing sunlight, saving energy bills and creating a more comfortable environment. An automatic smart water shutoff monitor ensures your basement remains dry and protected from water damage. Standard video camera doorbell systems enhance security and provide peace of mind. These are not far-off dreams; they are the components of the smart home revolution we should be experiencing today.

To understand why the construction industry has been slow in adopting these innovations, we spoke with the CEO of Real Smart Technologies, Steven Benzelock. Operating out of Manitoba, this innovative company is leading in bringing modern technology to home construction. They are on a mission to make homes across the country technologically inclusive and connected. Benzelock says, “We are passionate about technology and want to see everybody connected because it improves the quality of life, but also offers many safety aspects.” He aims to fill the gap where traditional home builders are lacking.

They envision a future where homes come equipped with all the latest technology, making life more comfortable and secure. Smart TVs, smart garages, smart blinds, smart lawns – all these components are within reach, and the Manitoba company is committed to making them standard in home construction.

Home construction should not be stuck in the past; it should be forward-looking. The building industry has a history of being slow to adapt to change and must embrace the future of connectivity. If it doesn’t, it risks being left behind in an age that will see companies like Real Smart Technologies enter into the industry of construction homes with full smart capabilities. These homes will usher in a new era of home building that embraces technology and the needs of homeowners.

In a world where we can control our thermostats from our smartphones and monitor our security cameras remotely, it’s clear that our homes should be evolving with the rest of our lives. As Benzelock demonstrates, the time has come for the construction industry to leap into the future and ensure that every homeowner can enjoy the benefits of a truly smart home. After all, it’s not just about convenience; it’s about embracing a safer, more connected, and efficient way of living.