Calgary-Heritage: The Golden Ticket and Sacrificial Lambs In The Upcoming By-election

Conservative candidate Shuvaloy Majumdar To Represent Riding of Calgary-Heritage In upcoming By-election

Calgary Heritage, a riding previously held by former Conservative MP Bob Benzen, is set to have a by-election on July 24, 2023, as announced by the Prime Minister. Benzen had represented this constituency since April 2017, when he won a by-election to replace former Prime Minister Stephen Harper. However, in October 2022, Benzen finally resigned, a move that many believe was long overdue. Known for his staunch conservative views, Benzen consistently voted against abortion bills and legislation aimed at banning conversion therapy.

Benzen’s resignation brought relief to those who disagreed with his ultra-conservative positions. One notable achievement during his tenure was orchestrating the ousting of Conservative leader Erin O’Toole. However, the resignation itself was considered the most significant positive outcome for many. The riding of Calgary Heritage has historically been a safe seat for the Conservative Party, with Benzen consistently securing victory with margins as high as 30,000 votes over his closest rivals.

As the by-election approaches, Shuvaloy Majumdar has emerged as the Conservative Party candidate, expected to secure a seat in parliament to represent the Conservatives. On the other hand, the Liberal and Democratic parties have yet to reveal the name of their respective candidates, leading many to believe that their nominees are essentially sacrificial lambs in the heavily conservative riding.

The upcoming by-election in Calgary Heritage allows voters to express their preferences and shape the future of the riding’s representation in Parliament. With a legacy of conservative dominance, the outcome of this by-election will be closely watched by political observers and could have implications beyond the confines of Calgary Heritage.

Image source Bezan, Twitter feed