Bellingham, Mbappé, Haaland, and Kane Headline Inaugural KAFD Globe Soccer European Awards Nominees

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  • May 13, 2024

Image Credit, Jean Catuffe/Getty Images

In the world of European football, excellence is not merely acknowledged but celebrated with fervor. This sentiment reverberates through the corridors of the sport as the inaugural KAFD Globe Soccer European Awards takes center stage, set to unfold amidst the enchanting backdrop of Hotel Cala di Volpe in Sardinia on May 28, 2024.

The prestigious event, a testament to the pinnacle of footballing achievement, promises an evening laden with anticipation and splendor. Among the luminaries gracing the nominations are the UEFA Champions League finalists, Jude Bellingham of Real Madrid and Mats Hummels of Borussia Dortmund. These stalwarts, alongside a constellation of footballing brilliance, emerge as contenders for the coveted title of Best Men’s Player.

The nominations unveil a constellation of footballing brilliance, with luminaries such as PSG’s Kylian Mbappé, Bayern Munich’s Harry Kane, and a quartet from Manchester City including Erling Haaland, Phil Foden, Bernardo Silva, and Rodri, capturing the essence of European football’s finest.

The voting set to commence today and extend until May 15, places the power firmly in the hands of football enthusiasts worldwide. Fans are bestowed with the privilege to shape the destiny of their footballing idols, casting their votes online at or the Globe Soccer smartphone application.

Yet, beyond individual accomplishments, the essence of teamwork and managerial acumen finds its rightful place in the limelight. Bayer Leverkusen’s Xabi Alonso emerges as a beacon of coaching excellence, vying for the title of Best Coach amidst a distinguished cohort that includes luminaries such as Real Madrid’s Carlo Ancelotti and Manchester City’s revered tactician, Pep Guardiola.

The anticipation extends beyond the stars, embracing the promise of emerging talent. The Emerging Player Award, a celebration of the sport’s burgeoning talent, unveils a roster of youthful exuberance. Among them, the prodigious talents of Real Madrid’s Eduardo Camavinga and Barcelona’s Lamine Yamal illuminate the path towards footballing greatness.

The convergence of footballing royalty and industry luminaries sets the stage for an evening of unparalleled grandeur. As the glittering ceremony unfolds, a tapestry of accolades awaits the deserving recipients, from the prestigious Best Goalscorer to the Career Awards that pay homage to the enduring legacy of footballing icons.

Yet, beyond the confines of the awards ceremony, a deeper discourse awaits. The Globe Soccer Forum, an interactive symposium poised to convene the brightest minds in European football, delves into the intricacies of financial sustainability, player welfare, and the evolving landscape of multi-club ownership.

With each passing moment, the anticipation mounts, ushering in a new era of footballing celebration. The inaugural KAFD Globe Soccer European Awards stand not merely as a celebration of past triumphs but as a harbinger of the boundless potential that lies ahead, shaping the destiny of European football for generations to come.