Avoiding Ax Murderer Vibes: Why Women Should Smile in Their Dating App Photos

Image credit, Engin Akyurt

Ladies, are you tired of swiping through dating apps only to come across profiles that make you want to run for the hills? We get it. The last thing you need is a potential date who looks like they’re auditioning for a horror movie. So, if you’re ready to attract the right kind of attention (and avoid sending the wrong signals), listen up!

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? Your profile photos should radiate happiness, not terror. Avoid the urge to channel your inner model with a moody, serious expression that could rival an ax murderer’s mugshot. Instead, show off those pearly whites and let your potential matches know that you’re a fun-loving, approachable human being.

Sure, you might think that sultry, brooding look makes you look mysterious and alluring. But trust us, on a dating app, it’s more likely to make people wonder if you’re about to break into a villainous monologue. Keep things light and breezy with photos that capture your playful side. Remember, you’re here to find a connection, not scare off potential suitors.

Imagine this: you’re scrolling through profiles, and suddenly, you come across someone whose photos make them look like they just stepped out of a particularly grim film noir. What do you do? Swipe left, of course! Don’t let your photos give off vibes that scream “I’m too cool for fun.” Show the world that you’re ready to laugh, love, and enjoy life to the fullest.

So, there you have it, ladies. The key to attracting the right kind of attention on dating apps is simple: ditch the ax murderer vibes and embrace your inner joy. Remember, your photos are your first impression, so make them count! Happy swiping!