12 Girls Charged In Stabbing Death Of Toronto Homeless Man

The attack on homeless people have drastically increased year after years

Eight Toronto girls are being held in custody and charged for the alleged murder of a 59-year homeless man. The girls range in age from 13 years of age to 16 years old. At this time, the Toronto Police department does not have a motive as to what caused the killing.

In addition, the Police believed the victim did not know the young girls nor why he was their target. They have stopped short of calling the girls a gang but consider their group a swarm. This is a precursor step before law enforcement can assert any gang affiliations.

Though Police are unsure of how the swarm began, they believe the girls may have met through social media to organize because they live in diverse parts of the city. The next likely step in the investigation is to have the girls undergo a psychological assessment.

The stabbing is the city’s latest round of high-profile violent crimes terrifying Torontonians. Violent crimes continue to rise, especially against people who frequent homeless shelters. Last week, Winnipeg Police announced that they believe four Indigenous women who frequented a homeless shelter were the victims of a serial killer currently incarcerated.

With that revelation, the public stepped up its calls for more to be done for the homeless community. Despite billions of dollars being poured into homeless resources, there is no good plan to solve this problem.