100 World Leaders At Cop26 Commit End Deforestation By 2030

This marks the most significant commitment to deforestation in decades

Today over 100 world leaders are set to sign a historic agreement to stop deforestation by 2030. The accord represents over 85% of the world’s forests which have seen massive destruction over the decades.

The agreement will see a public fund created that allocates $12 billion dollars to protect and restore forests, with another $7.2 billion in private investments.

In a statement released from the British Prime Minister’s office, it said, “Countries spanning from the northern forests of Canada and Russia to the tropical rainforests of Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo will endorse the Glasgow Leaders’ Declaration on Forest and Land Use. Together, they contain 85% of the world’s forests, an area of over 13 million square miles.”

According to several climate activists, the investments protecting the world’s forests do not go far enough. Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro is singled-out for his abysmal record on climate change. Under his presidency, the country has seen the highest destruction of forests and natural habitats. Critics fear the funds earmarked for climate change, will be diverted into other sectors.

For years the world’s-leading scientists have sounded the alarm on climate change and continue to draw attention to earth warming. Today’s commitment marks a monumental shift towards the reversal in the current trend that is destroying the world’s natural resources.