10 Years of Divisive Politics Ends With Australia Electing Anthony Albanese

The Hon Scott Morrison, current Prime Minister conceded late Saturday evening

The Australian Labor Party (ALP) leader, Anthony Norman Albanese, is a career politician with over 25 years of serving in the Australian Parliament and is the current prime minister-designate. In a surprise victory Saturday night, Albanese unseated Prime Minister Scott John Morrison of the Liberal Party of Australia.

The last time the ALP formed government was in 2013 under then Prime Minister Kevin Michael Rudd. Albanese served as deputy prime minister when Rudd was first elected and as a Cabinet minister in his second term from 2007 to 2013.

“I want to unite the country. I think people have had enough of division, what they want is to come together as a nation, and I intend to lead that.” Said, Albanese

With the election of Albanese, Australia turns a page on divisive politics that have been the norm for the last decade. Albanese promises a more inclusive government, one accepting of all cultures, committed to advancing women’s rights and addressing climate change.

It remains uncertain if Albanese gets a supermajority in his first mandate, with the counting of votes still ongoing. The Hon Scott Morrison will remain the caretaker Prime Minister until the new Ministry gets sworn in.