1 Year Ago, The Afzaal Family Were The Victims Of A Terror Attack

Islamophobia continues to be an issue in Canada that has required concrete solutions

Today marks the first anniversary of a terror attack against a Canadian Muslim family in London, Ontario. The Pakistani Canadians were the target of a hate crime because they were Muslim.

The Afzaal family were waiting at an intersection in the Hyde Park neighbourhood when a driver in a pickup truck jumped a curb and intentionally struck the family, killing four and injuring one.

The terror attack made international headlines and drew support for the families from leaders worldwide. The suspect was charged with four counts of terroristic murder and one count of terroristic attempted murder.

“We must keep working together and using every tool we have to combat this hatred..” Said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

On Sunday, the community of London, Ontario, held a march to combat islamophobia to honour the Afzaal family. Thousands of community members came out in support, including Prime Minister Trudeau.

A candle-lit vigil will occur in the evening, followed by the unveiling of a mural in honour of the Afzaals. Hate crimes have seen a massive uptick in Canada with the election of US President Donald Trump. His election signalled that racism, Islamophobia, bigotry, homophobia, and misinformation were ok. And with that heinous train of thought, his ideology is still having a lasting effect in Canada long after his exit from office.