Would Quebec’s Premier Want Migrants Shipped To Ottawa If They Spoke French?

Quebec Premier François Legault has caused another controversy by advocating for removing migrants who cross the border at Roxham Road, coming from New York, and shipping them all off to Ottawa.

“Quebec has a long tradition of welcoming refugees, and we are proud to contribute to this humanitarian duty. However, this influx cannot continue,” Wrote Legault

While it is understandable that the province may feel frustrated by the influx of migrants, there are concerns about the lack of empathy in this approach. Some have even compared Legault’s stance to that of certain US governors who have been known to bus and plane migrants to the nation’s capital.

This policy stance on immigrants and religious symbols, as well as anti-English policies, has raised alarm bells for many. The bigger question that needs to be asked is why Legault wants migrants removed from Quebec. After all, the province is in dire need of skilled and unskilled labourers, with help wanted signs visible everywhere.

Additionally, the premier has been on record as stating that his province does not have a problem with systemic racism, which suggests that he should take a moment to check his privilege. A statement he begrudgingly walked back amid protest and backlash received from the community. Many have also pointed out that he seems to be either unaware of or indifferent to his unconscious biases when it comes to addressing issues related to immigrants and the English language.

There are concerns that Legault’s stance on migrants could cause damage to Quebec’s reputation, both nationally and internationally. Furthermore, it could negatively impact the province’s economy and labour market, as well as the well-being of the migrants themselves. It is essential that the premier and his government take a more compassionate and thoughtful approach to this issue, one that addresses the needs of all involved.

As Canadians, we pride ourselves on our inclusiveness and empathy towards those in need, regardless of their race, ethnicity, or nationality. It is important that we uphold these values in both words and actions, especially during times of great need. We should work towards solutions that provide support and assistance to all individuals, including migrants, while also taking into consideration the needs and concerns of the broader community.