Two Million Canadian Seniors Gain Access to Canadian Dental Care Plan

  • Ingrid Jones
  • Canada
  • May 22, 2024

Government Initiative Aims to Improve Oral Health Accessibility and Affordability

Image Credit, Diego Toral

Toronto, Ontario | May 22, 2024 – In a significant move towards enhancing oral health care accessibility and affordability in Canada, the Government of Canada has announced the approval of two million Canadian seniors to receive coverage under the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP). This initiative aims to provide crucial dental care services to those who have been struggling to access them due to financial constraints.

Since its inception, over 90,000 seniors have already benefited from the CDCP, with some availing oral health services for the first time in decades. For seniors who are eligible but do not have an oral health provider, Sun Life’s CDCP Provider Search offers assistance in locating providers within their communities.

Eligibility for the CDCP extends to seniors aged 65 and over with an adjusted family net income of less than $90,000 and without access to dental insurance. Furthermore, in June, the initiative will expand its applications to encompass adults with a valid disability tax credit and children under 18, further broadening the scope of accessible oral health care across Canada.

Currently, nearly 10,000 oral health providers are enrolled in the CDCP, offering a diverse range of services to covered patients. These providers include dentists, dental specialists, independent dental hygienists, and denturists. The Government expresses its gratitude to all participating providers for their crucial role in advancing health outcomes in the nation.

To ensure seamless access to services, CDCP clients are advised to inquire whether their oral health provider participates in the CDCP before scheduling appointments. Starting July 8, providers will have the option to direct bill Sun Life for services rendered on a claim-by-claim basis, enabling clients to choose their preferred provider without formal CDCP enrollment.

Clients may be subject to co-payments and additional charges based on household income and services received. It is recommended that CDCP clients confirm any out-of-pocket expenses with their providers before undergoing treatment, as direct reimbursement from Sun Life is not applicable.

“The approval of two million seniors for dental coverage under the Canadian Dental Care Plan signifies a monumental step forward in oral health care accessibility. With the increasing number of participating providers, we anticipate improved oral and overall health outcomes for Canadians nationwide,” remarked The Honourable Mark Holland, Minister of Health.

The CDCP aims to bridge the gap in dental care access for the estimated nine million Canadians currently lacking coverage. For further information, individuals are encouraged to visit