Turkey Hunting Season A First In New Brunswick

2021 marks the first wild turkey hunt to be held in New Brunswick

TDS News –  A new, limited-entry wild turkey hunting season has been introduced by the New Brunswick provincial government to take place May 10-22.

“I am thrilled that our government is introducing a new wild turkey hunt,” said Natural Resources and Energy Development Minister Mike Holland. “New Brunswick’s current wild turkey population has created an exciting opportunity for hunting enthusiasts and a new avenue for economic growth.”

Because demand for the licences is expected to exceed a sustainable harvest, a limited number of licences will be issued through a draw system. The department will establish harvest quotas for each wildlife zone depending upon whether the turkey population in each zone can sustain a limited harvest.

“I would like to thank all the Canadian Wild Turkey Federation chapters that worked countless hours volunteering their time to help make this day happen,” said federation president Terry Smith. “The introduction of a wild turkey hunting season will add another reason to get outdoors and will add increased economic value to local outdoor shops as well as the outfitting and guiding industry.”

Enthusiasts have been requesting a hunting season due to the growing population of wild turkeys. Preliminary results of a recent study by the University of New Brunswick indicate that there is a healthy population of wild turkeys in southwestern New Brunswick that can be managed through hunting.

“We are extremely happy to see that this initiative is going ahead,” said New Brunswick Wildlife Federation president Nathalie Michaud. “In 2018, we requested that a study be done by government to evaluate the population of wild turkeys in the province, since sightings were being reported by hunters all over the province. It’s great to see that this study was done and that the numbers show that we can actually have a sustainable controlled hunt, with a tag system, to make sure that the population stays healthy and growing for years to come.”

Before applying to the draw, interested hunters will have to complete an online course on wild turkey hunting and meet the appropriate conservation education requirements. The online course will take about 20 minutes to complete and covers information on wild turkey biology, identification, and safe hunting practices.

The draw application period will begin on April 6 and end on April 16.

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