The Dark Path to the American Dream: Profiting from War as a Defense Contractor

  • Naomi Dela Cruz
  • U.S.A
  • May 13, 2024

Celebrating Destruction and Lining Pockets: The Grim Reality Behind Wealth in America

Image Credit, Vilius Kukanauskas

In the pursuit of the American Dream, many avenues promise wealth and success. However, a troubling truth lurks behind the glitz and glamor of riches: becoming a defense contractor. While touted as a path to prosperity, it comes at a grave cost – the celebration of destruction and the fattening of pockets through war.

For those aspiring to affluence, the defense industry presents an enticing prospect. By manufacturing weapons and technologies designed for warfare, individuals and corporations amass wealth from the bloodshed and chaos in other nations. The more conflicts arise, the greater the demand for arms, and consequently, the larger the profits.

Morality takes a backseat in this lucrative enterprise. As countries are torn apart by conflict, defense contractors rejoice, knowing that their products fuel the devastation. Their bank accounts swell with the dollars earned from the suffering of others, while they remain insulated from the consequences of their actions.

Behind the scenes, a sinister web of lobbyists and politicians ensures the continuous flow of contracts to these defense giants. Money greases the wheels of politics, with lucrative deals exchanged for favors and influence. The symbiotic relationship between defense contractors and the government ensures that the cycle of war and profit remains unbroken.

The American Dream, once synonymous with opportunity and prosperity, now carries the stain of exploitation and greed. Those who revel in the spoils of war, living off the fat of government contracts and military expenditures, do so at the expense of global stability and human lives.

In the pursuit of wealth, we must confront the uncomfortable truth that our dreams are built on the suffering of others. Until morality outweighs monetary gain, the cycle of destruction perpetuated by defense contractors will continue unabated, casting a shadow over the very ideals America claims to represent.